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Window on State Government

Carole Keeton Rylander

Carole Keeton Rylander is the first woman in history elected Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. She is a fiscal conservative and "one tough grandma" who practices what she preaches: cutting spending, enlisting state employees as front-line soldiers in the battle against waste, providing incentives for innovation and shaking the rafters of state government until taxpayers are treated like satisfied customers and public policy partners. In 1999, Comptroller Rylander was the first recipient of the Friends of Texas Taxpayers Award from the Citizens for A Sound Economy. She was recognized as one of the Texas Women of the Century by the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Texas in November, 1999.

Often called a trailblazer, Rylander has a resume full of "firsts"--first woman elected to the Texas Railroad Commission--and re-elected in 1996 with the highest vote total in a statewide contested race; first woman mayor of Austin and the only mayor elected for three successive terms; first woman president of the Austin School Board, and first woman president of the Austin Community College Board of Trustees.

Comptroller Rylander's decisions are governed by a straightforward, common sense approach of less government and more opportunity. Her experience as the former President of the Texas Municipal League, which represents Texas cities, serves her well in coordinating efficient tax policy between Texas cities and the state. Comptroller Rylander is a businesswoman and former television producer. She hosted her own show called "The Rylander Report," a hard-hitting public affairs program. In 1979, TIME magazine named her "One of the 50 Faces for America's Future."

Comptroller Rylander's lifelong record of achievement and public service is rooted in her passion for education. She began her career as a public school teacher. She was later elected to the Austin School Board with almost 75 percent of the vote. She also served as president of the Austin Community College Board of Trustees. Comptroller Rylander is applying her education expertise to make sure more of every education tax dollar goes directly into the classroom where it belongs. Comptroller Rylander describes herself as an "education watchdog" for the people of Texas.

At the Texas Railroad Commission, she led the fight for trucking deregulation, and reorganizing, down-sizing and modernizing the Railroad Commission for the first time in its 104-year history. As a former two-term appointee of President Bush to the National Petroleum Council, she understands the national and international implications of energy issues. Comptroller Rylander serves on the Board of Directors of the John Tower Center for Political Studies at Southern Methodist University. She also serves on the Advisory Council of the Texas Alliance for Math and Science.

Comptroller Rylander is a native Texan and a government honors graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. She is the proud mother of five sons, and proud grandmother of four girls, two of them newborn twins.
Comptroller Rylander's
Ten Principles for Texas in the New Century
  1. Develop a better-educated workforce
  2. Direct more of every education dollar into the classroom
  3. Raise the bar on student performance
  4. Cut taxes in Texas
  5. Introduce competition into Texas government
  6. Improve government performance and accountability
  7. Reduce the size of government
  8. Bring common sense to regulations
  9. Use technology to cut costs and increase quality
  10. Return control to communities and individuals
Challenging the Status Quo, a report from the Texas Performance Review, applies these principles to Texas government.
Comptroller Rylander expressed her vision in her Inaugural Speech.

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